Frederick Fenwick

I served 30 years in the United States Marine Corps and retired at the highest enlisted rank of sergeant major. Since then I have written and published four books I call my "Lasting Visions Book Series." The series is about the Elmer and Floy Fenwick family who farmed to make a living near Springfield, Kentucky. Together they had five sons and four daughters. All five sons served in the United States Marine Corps. My brother Donald and I were career Marines with over 30 years of service and combat tours in Vietnam. Combined the Fenwick brothers have a total of 72 years of honest and faithful service.


My books detail what farming was like in Kentucky and the military experiences of Marine Corps life from 1953-1999. In order to accurately describe the setting in each book I needed to repeat some of the text and verbiage used in the previous publications. The book series would not have had the same impact if I had not. As with any book series, it is natural that readers may only read one or two books and therefore, miss out on certain details expressed in the unread titles.


This website is designed for those who would like the author's signature. I will personally autograph and inscribe (if desired) all books purchased directly from me.     

Semper Fidelis (Marine Corps motto for "Always Faithful")

Sergeant Major Frederick Fenwick USMC (Ret)

Most popular and overall best selling book of the series - Lasting Visions: With the 7th Marines in Vietnam 1970


03/22/2017 I know a doctor (Vietnam Veteran) who I have had the pleasure to assist in the past several weeks.  He seemed to be interested in individual accounts/biographies about the war so I told him about your books. After conversing with you and reading your books it gave me much more to talk about.  He mentioned serving in Vietnam and I instantly became right at home with the conversation.  Thank you for putting it all out there so I can connect better with others my dearest cousin. 

Wanda Elkharwily 

A great read! Very interesting stories about farm life, Marine Corps boot camp and the Vietnam War. Highly recommended!

Enrico Aiello-Rated 5 Star on Amazon


An excellent account in plain words of the way it was. It tells the story factually of what a Marine infantryman endured while and after serving in Vietnam. The detail is amazing. This Marine's account is worth the read!

Anonymous-Barnes & Noble


A MUST READ!! Highly Recommend! This wonderful and courageous man is my uncle and I love his book. There was much about the family I never knew, and enjoyed reading, but the heart of the book about his experiences in the Vietnam War are horrible to hear about but also inspiring to know he survived so much heartache and misery. And that's putting it mildly! For a "True" accounting of what our men endured this is a must read!

Deborah Lynn Hager-Barnes & Noble

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